An article by an employee of the Institute of Botany was published in a prestigious journal

The article “Allium neapolitanum Cirillo. (Amaryllidaceae) – новый чужеродный вид для флоры Кавказа” co-authored by Shahla Mirzayeva, scientific worker of the Herbary Department of the Institute of Botany and Alexander Sergeyevich Zernov, professor of the department of higher plants of the Faculty of Biology of the M.V Lomonosov Moscow State University, Doctor of Biological Sciences, was published in the "Ботанический журнал" of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Scopus). The article is dedicated to the results of the scientific research conducted on the topic "Analysis of the structural and chorological diversity of higher plants related to the problems of phylogeny and taxonomy, urban ecology and sustainable development problems" presented by "Ботанический журнал".
In the article, a new alien species for the flora of the Caucasus (Azerbaijan, Absheron) - Allium neapolitanum Cirillo. (Neapolitan onion) detection, morphological description of the species, population and phytocenological characteristics were reported.