The article of the scientists of the Institute of Botany was published in the journal included in the "Web of Science» database

The article "Pteridophytes: Ethnobotanical use and active chemical composition" was published in the "Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge" magazine, co-authored by doctor of biological sciences professor Sayyara Ibadullayeva, general director of the Institute of Botany, Head of the Department of Ethnobotany, leading scientific workers, Ph.D. in biology, associate professor Nuri Movsumova and Ph.D. in biology, associate professor Gulnara Shiraliyeva.
The article shows that the ethnobotanical use of ferns, which are considered to be among the first plants, has a very long history, and most of them are widely used among ethnic groups in many countries of the world as medicinal plants. Even some species have entered the official pharmacopoeia. The purpose of the researches was to study the ethnobotanical characteristics of ferns common in the flora of the Republic of Azerbaijan, to determine their active pharmacological components and effects as a medicinal plant.
During the research, the authors tried to determine the potential medicinal properties of ferns distributed in the territory of Azerbaijan, to clarify which diseases would be more useful to use them in the treatment of diseases. The results show that the secondary metabolic compounds obtained from ferns can play a key role in the development of new medicinal preparations or new mixtures with antibacterial, anthelmintic, antiviral, antioxidant and expectorant effects.