The employees of the Herbary Department of the Institute of Botany monitored the plants related to the early spring flora

The employees of the Herbary Department of the Botanical Institute of the Ministry of Science and Education of AR conducted monitoring of some species and genera distributed in Shabran region for the purpose of studying plants related to early spring flora by floristic, systematic, geographical and ecological methods, as well as enriching the Herbarium fund. More than 60 plant samples were collected during the expedition conducted in Dagbilici, Zagli, Takhtalar, Gorgan, Amirkhanli, Khalfaler and Gazbabali villages of Shabran region, mainly forest mid-mountain vegetation was studied, herbarium materials were compared and identified by morphological analysis.
As a result of the expedition, about 100 herbarium copies of 13 families, 23 genera, and 26 species were prepared. Among those herbarium materials, there are rare species included in the Red Book of the Republic of Azerbaijan (Crocus adami, Galanthus caucasica, Pyrus salicifolia, Rosa sosnowskyi, etc.).