Employees of the Botany Institute monitored primitive plants

According to the thematic plan, the employees of the Algology and Lichenobryology Laboratory of the Botany Institute of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan carried out extensive monitoring in the Gakh region in order to conduct a comparative analysis of the biodiversity of the algae and moss flora of the southern part of Azerbaijan (Lerik region) and the northwestern part of the Greater Caucasus (Gakh region).
During the expedition, 23 algological and 27 bryological samples were collected on 10 routes from the territory of Ilisu, Agchay, Turajli, Suskend, Lekit, Kotuklu, Almaly, Amirjan and Marsan villages of Gakh region to study the algoflora, determine and evaluate the current state of the moss species spread in the region, and were brought to the laboratory for identification.  A comparative analysis will be conducted between the designated species and the algoflora of Lerik region.