A living collection of rare plants is being created at the Karrar base station

A live collection of rare plants included in the Red Book of the Republic of Azerbaijan is being created at the Karrar support station of the Institute of Botany of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, located in the Kurdamir district.  The purpose of creating the collection is to protect the valuable plant gene fundand reintroduce it to the areas where it belongs.

Employees of the Department of biomorphology and phytointroduction of the Institute of Botany were on the expedition for preliminary research.  During the expedition, biologists collected plant samples, conducted phenological observations, and conducted monitoring of species included in the Red Book.  According to the initial designation, 55 species of 34 genera(25 of these plants are included in the Red Book of Azerbaijan), were collected from different areas of the Republic, and seed materials were planted in the area intended for collection at the Karrar base station.  To enrich the said collection, the seeds collected by the employees of other departments and laboratories of the Institute were previously germinated in pots and planted in the experimental field.  It should be noted that the saplings for "Chinarlig" to be planted in the destroyed areas of the Zangilandistrictare also reflected in this collection.