The project “Establishment of the Gardenclub Ecological Social Enlightening Club” completed its activit

     The project “Establishment of the Gardenclub Ecological Social Enlightening Club” completed on December 22. Last participants of the project were 7th grade students of school No.189-190.
     More than 200 students from six schools participated in 3-month project on the subjects as “Talking Woody Rings”, “Unseen Architect of Plant”, “Azerbaijanian Plants”, “Ecological Safety”, “Little Gardeners”. The trainings consisting of theoretical and practical part were conducted by the specialists of the CBG and the Institute of Botany of ANAS. During the trainings, students were provided with information on the habitats of various plants (endemic and rare plants, medicinal plants etc. of the flora of Azerbaijan), their importance and protection problems. The students observed the changes in trees and bushes according to the season. The students were also explained the rules of taking samples from tree, determination of the age of tree according to the thickness and colour of rings from the samples taken, changes as a result of environmental climate changes, pollution and etc. The students planted decorative plants in the planting area prepared and were taught care rules.
     The students closely acquainted with the researches carried out in the laboratory condition and equipment’s work principle. They were also given information about valuable type samples, their storage condition and were explained the process of their digitalization and inclusion to the European database. They got information on the habitats of ten classical relict tree species of Hyrcanian forests in the exhibition “Green Treasure of Azerbaijan” exhibited at the Museum of Botany.
     In the next week, the schools and students participating in the trainings was awarded the certificates.
    Note that the project which is jointly organized by the Central Botanical Garden and the Institute of Botany of ANAS was implemented with the support of the Youth Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. “Gardenclub” project aimed at the effective valuing free time of students and their ecological enlightening.