The event dedicated to the development issues of silkworm breeding with the modern innovative technologies took part in Zagatala

                Seminar on “Development of Silkworm Breeding with Modern Innovative Technologies in Azerbaijan” within the framework of the project on the “Development of Innovative Measures Package and Agro-Ecological Model on the Development of Agrarian Area in the North-West Region of Azerbaijan” on September 27.

              The event organized by the Science Development Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan,  Sheki Regional Scientific Center of ANAS and Executive Authority of Zakatala District was attended by the representatives of related organizations, experts working in the field of silkworm breeding and cocoon producers.

              Ilkin Shafizade, Deputy Head of the Executive Authority of Zakatala District, Head of the Department of Analysis and Forecasting of Social-Economical Development gave information about the current status and forthcoming tasks of silkworm breeding in the region. Taking into account the great potential for development of silkworm breeding in Azerbaijan, it was noted that necessary measures are taken for creation of the modern infrastructure of silkworm breeding and organization of sericulture local seed in the Republic according to the instructions of the President Ilham Aliyev on the development of this sphere.

               I. Shafizadeh noted that as a result of necessary measures taken towards the development of silkworm breeding, traditional field for the agriculture of the region, 6 tons of  raw cocoons were harvested in 2016, 21.4 ton in the current year and handed over to “Sheki-Ipek” OJC.

              Then the lecture on “Applications of Innovations in the Production of Ecologically Pure Silk”of Yusif Shukurlu, director of Sheki Regional Scientific Center, PhD in Physics and Mathematics was listened. It was noted that the main goal of the production method of ecologically pure agriculture is the protection of natural resources and serving the health of people, as well as animal kingdom.

             Later on Nizami Hummatov, Deputy Dsirector on Scientific Affairs of the Agricultural Scientific-Research Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture touched the issues about the influence of the change of soil properties to development and productivity of plants. Lectures on “Study of Bombyx Mori with molecular genetics methods”of Ayaz Mammadov, employee of the Institute of Genetic Resources of ANAS and lectures of Khalis Mahalov, Chief of Agricultural Department of Zagatala regions on development perspectives of silkworm breeding were listened at the seminar.