Institute of Botany participates in expansion of Japanese-Azerbaijani relations

     The well-known Japanese "KOSUGI-Zohen" company will build Moss garden in Heydar Aliyev Park in Khatai district of Baku. Employees of the Institute of Botany of ANAS, PhDs in biology Shakar Mukhtarova and Aygun Mammadova, representatives of the company and responsible employees of the district executive bodies visited the area to discuss the planned work on the gardening.

     Specialists of the Botanical Institute said that some of the types of moss, which are to be imported from Japan, also exist in Azerbaijan. It is possible to cultivate and spread moss after the creation of the necessary climate and environment in the area. Following the discussions, it was decided to select and test moss species.

     Representatives of “KOSUGI-Zohen” visited Botanical Institute. Director of the institute, academician Valida Alizadeh, supported the joint project of Khatai District Executive Power and “KOSUGI-Zohen”, and said that the staff of the institute, which is headed by him, will also assist the work. Then guests got acquainted with a number of moss types and other plants stored in the herbarium of the institute.

     The final discussions were held in Khatai District Executive Power. Razim Mammadov, head of the executive power of the region, informed about the work done within two days and expressed his gratitude to everyone who would cooperate. It was noted that this project will be a new contribution to the Japanese-Azerbaijani friendly relations.