Shamakhi Astrophysical Observatory’s employee won the “Horizon 2020” project

The project, presented in 2018 by the employee of ANAS Shamakhi Astrophysical Observatory (ShAO) Ph.D. in Phisical and Matimatics Sciences Rustamov Jamammad won the grant program "Horizon-2020" of the European Union.

     The project provides for scientific cooperation of astronomers from 11 countries for 4 years period (2019-2022). During this period, ShAO employees will be sent to the countries indicated in the project, in turn, employees from these countries will be involved in research at the Shamakhi Astrophysical Observatory.

     On January 6 2019, within the framework of the project Olga Mareva, an employee of the Observatory of the Czech Academy of Sciences was on a scientific trip to the ShAO. The guest again testified that, the spectral observations conducted here, are fully comply with modern standards of observations that currently operate in progressive world observatories, you can get reliable scientific results.

     Staff of the Czech Academy of Sciences Observatory held a videoconference.

     It should be noted that, within the framework of the grant project during the year, it is assumed that employees of the ShAO are traveling to the Tartu Estonia observatory.