A conference on Biodiversity Conservation

The Ecological Education Center of the Ministry of Education of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic (NR), the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and Faculty of Natural Sciences and Agriculture of Nakhchivan State University held a scientific conference on May 22 - International Day of Biological Diversity.

At the event held at the Institute of Bioresources of Nakhchivan Division of ANAS, the director of the enterprise, academician Tariyel Talibov spoke about the history of biodiversity, measures taken in the direction of environmental protection in our country. He noted that a number of documents on conservation and sustainable use of natural resources and important practical steps taken in the field of nature protection are of great importance in terms of biodiversity conservation.

Talking about the purposeful measures taken to protect biodiversity in Nakhchivan, Talib Talibov said that as a result of consistent measures taken to protect and restore the rich biodiversity of the Autonomous Republic, a favorable ecological environment has been created in the region today.

The scientist talked about the research carried out by his organization, the fundamental scientific works published on the biodiversity of the autonomous republic's flora and fauna. It was noted that protection of the rich nature of the region and its involvement in large-scale scientific researches are one of the important tasks facing the Institute of Bioresources.

Later reports were listened.