Measures are being taken to integrate our scientists living abroad in domestic science

For more than 5 years, ties have been established with our compatriots living in the CIS, Europe and the USA engaged in educational and creative activities, as well as with the leaders of diaspora organizations in order to expand cooperation between the diaspora of Azerbaijani scientists and ANAS. The electronic database, created in 2018 together with the responsible employees of the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS, provides detailed information on the scientific activities of our scientists living abroad.

According to the scientific secretary of ANAS Zarifa Aliyeva, the database contains information about more than 500 compatriot scientists. Regular ties are established with our scientists and specialists living and working abroad. They are invited to scientific conferences and seminars organized by the Academy, make presentations and exchange opinions on various scientific topics.

Noting that for the development of the scientific, technical and scientific-educational complex of Azerbaijan it is necessary to use the potential and experience of compatriots, the scientific secretary spoke about the challenges facing domestic scientists living abroad to ensure their effective participation in the further development of our country. According to her, the creation of a working group to work with the scientific diaspora in the Presidium of ANAS, the continuation of activities to improve the diaspora base, as well as ensuring the integration of our compatriots in science and education in Azerbaijan, are important.

Z. Aliyeva emphasized the desirability of participation of Azerbaijani researchers in short-term training courses at leading foreign scientific and educational centers, organization of business trips for advanced training, development of joint projects with our scientific diaspora in various grant projects in Europe.