Academician Ibrahim Guliyev met with representatives of the COST Association

The first vice-president of ANAS academician Ibrahim Guliyev met with representatives of the European Commission Association COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Zhudit Litens and Kzhistof Gulda.

Greeting the guests, academician Ibrahim Guliyev spoke about the research carried out in ANAS in the field of geology, physics, chemistry, information technology, paleontology, humanities and social sciences, the study of mud volcanoes, oil and gas fields, activities carried out in the field of integration of science and education , commercialization of science, as well as the activities of the High-Tech Park. Speaking about the close cooperation of the Academy with a number of leading scientific centers of the world, the first-vice president noted that domestic scientists are actively involved in the implementation of various international programs and projects. He said that one of the priorities is to further expand the joint research of Azerbaijani scientists with their foreign colleagues and their participation in projects covering various scientific fields.

Thanking academician Ibrahim Guliyev for the cordial welcome, Judith Litjens said that an information seminar was successfully held at the Central Scientific Library of ANAS, at which scientists and specialists were introduced to the opportunities offered by participating in the COST program and the rules for preparing applications for participation in projects. Speaking about the project, the purpose of which is to establish close cooperation between higher education institutions and academic organizations, an employee of the COST Association expressed interest in further cooperation with ANAS in this area.

The meeting was also attended by the National COST Program Coordinator, head of the Science Department of the National Anti-Doping Agency of Azerbaijan Ilham Humbatov and head of the Office of International Relations of ANAS Presidium, Ph.D. in biology Esmira Alirzayeva.