Discussed the prospects of cooperation between the Institute of Botany and Research Institute of Agriculture

Director of the Agricultural Research Institute of the Agrarian Scientific and Innovation Center of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ph.D. in Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor Faig Khudaev, Deputy Director, Ph.D. in Biology Nizami Humbatov and head laboratory Rasib Zeynalov visited the Institute of Botany of ANAS.

During the meeting with the director of the institute, academician Valida Alizadeh, the guests were informed about the activities and international relations of this scientific institution. It was noted that, taking into account modern challenges and agrarian reforms in the country, the institute signed agreements with a number of organizations of the Ministry of Agriculture last year.

Speaking about the effective research work carried out by the Institute’s scientists in the direction of developing the agricultural sector, Academician V. Alizadeh noted that since 2016, the Institute has been working to obtain scientific and practical results on “Ensuring food security and the active participation of science in development Agriculture".

The parties also discussed the prospects for cooperation between the two organizations and made relevant proposals.

Next, the results obtained in connection with economically important plants as well as proposals for the cultivation of drought and saline resistant wild and fodder plants were presented.

In conclusion, a decision was made regarding joint activities in three areas, expanding cooperation and attracting young specialists to these studies.