Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Novruzov Eldar Novruz

Basic activity directions

Search and investigation of various groups of useful plants;
Study of the chemical composition of useful plants;
Development of technologies for the effective use of useful plants;
Study of the stock of useful plants;
Introduction of useful and rare species.

Main scientific achievements

As a result of the research, 1600 species of medicinal plants (of which 180 are official), 870 essential oil plants, 605 alkaloids (of which 177 were identified for the first time), 408 anthocyanin-, 587 flavanoid-, 307 carotenoid-, 250 coumarin-,  8 glycoalkoloid-, 18 betacyancontaining, 400 vitamin-bearing, 200 tannin-bearing, 600 melliferous, 180 oil-bearing plants, 1500 industrial dye plants and 30 food dye plants were identified in the flora of Azerbaijan. About 100 new compounds of anthocyanins, flavonoids, carotenoids, coumarins, sesquiterpene lactones were obtained from these plants, and their structure was determined.
The area and chemical composition of more than 200 species of fruits and berries have been studied and their prospects have been shown. The content of essential oils of more than 100 species of essential oil plants and the component composition of essential oil have been determined.
Biochemical studies have revealed patterns between the formation and synthesis of these substances in plants, biotic and abiotic factors affecting them, patterns of accumulation, chemical composition of plants, ecological groups, life forms, geographical origin and evolution.
Technologies for producing anthocyanin drugs with interferon activity, anticancer drugs, drugs for the treatment of pneumonia and upper respiratory tract inflammations and other biologically active substances have been developed from the plants under study, more than 40 authorship certificates, more than 10 national and Eurasian patents have been obtained. Antimutagenic, cytogenetic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antioxidant properties of biologically active extracts and essential oils have been determined.
Natural food colors, essential oils used in various areas of the food industry, especially in the production of confectionery and meat products, canned food, soft drinks, etc., are tested and applied in production. Bioecological, biochemical and agrotechnical properties of more than 40 types of industrial value of medicinal, essential oil, food dye plants have been studied. The reserves of more than 100 species of medicinal, essential oil and dye plants have been studied.

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